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Wii Wiimmfi - Altwfc DWC: Alternative Custom Servers For Wii & DS (Alternative Online Multiplayer)

Discussion dans 'Modding, hacking & tutoriels' démarrée par D4RK Le4D3Rz, 29 Novembre 2014.

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    (Support: Wiimmfi Server, Altwfc - DWC Server)
    Wiimm has made a patcher for MKWii and for other games which patches the server addresses in the game to play on Wiimmfi Or Altwfc - DWC.
    • Patcher for Mario Kart Wii --> DL
    • Patcher for Animal Crossing - City Folk / Let's Go to the City --> DL
    • Patcher for WiiWare --> DL
    • Patcher for all other games --> DL
    Both patchers support also the ALTWFC/DWC server.

    Your Wii needs Homebrew, and you need an USB-Loader to dump an image of Mario Kart Wii onto an USB-Stick or USB-Drive.

    Now follow these steps to patch your MKWii, any custom-variants or other games to the new server:
    1. Extract the content of the archive to any folder.
    2. Copy all images you want to patch into this folder.
    3. Windows-User now start the patch-wiimmfi.bat (For wiimmfi servers) Or patch-dwc.bat (For ALTwfc Server), Linux- and Mac-User start the patch-wiimmfi.sh (For wiimmfi servers) Or patch-dwc.sh (For ALTwfc Server).
    4. Now all games in the folder get patched. After patching, you find the new images in the folder wiimmfi-images. You can now copy those to your HDD or USB-Stick.
    You Have Error Codes Click Here
    If you get error 60000, then you are trying to connect with an unknown profile.

    Altwfc - DWC (Custom WFC Server)
    Be sure to delete your WFC profile or save file before connecting to the server or else it will give you an error when you connect. For DS, an Action Replay DS(i), flashcard or emulator is required. For Wii, your console must be able to run homebrew.

    Public test server available at This server is being actively developed, so it may go down or be restarted at times.

    If you have any issues connecting to the server and get an error code, take a look at the Troubleshooting page to see what they mean.
    1. Make sure you are using the right Action Replay DS(i) code (see below) or you have patched your ROM with the WfcPatcher (see below).
    2. Go to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup. Do not use the System Settings but start up an online-enabled game.
    3. Choose "Options".
    4. Choose "Erase Nintendo WFC Configuration". (See picture 1.) This will allow you to make a new Friend Code on the new server for all games. This only has to be done once per console, not per game.
    5. Set up a new wireless access point connection.
    6. Set "Auto-obtain DNS" to "No" and insert into both Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. Leave "Auto-obtain IP" on "Yes". (See picture 2.)
    7. Save your settings and exit the menu.
    Action Replay DS(i) codes are the most reliable method to bypass server verification. These will also allow retail cards to connect to the new server. You will need an Action Replay DS(i), flashcard or emulator to use these. For now, you will also need the ROM of the game you want to use. Almost every game, if not all, should be compatible at this point.

    1. Download Prof. 9's WfcReplay v0.5 (requires .NET 4.0):https://github.com/Prof9/wfcreplay/releases
    2. Drag and drop the ROM file onto WfcReplay.exe.
    3. Use the code from the text file that was created in the same folder as the ROM.
    If you can't or don't want to use Action Replay cheats, you can patch your game directly.

    1. Download the most recent version of WfcPatcher:https://github.com/AdmiralCurtiss/WfcPatcher/releases
    2. Drag and drop the ROM file(s) onto WfcPatcher.exe.
    3. Use ROM file that now has (AltWfc) at the end of its filename.
    NOTE: You must have a homebrew-capable Wii/Wii U to use the custom server; i.e., the Homebrew Channel must be installed (note that this voids your warranty). You must also delete any previous saves you have in a game. Ways around this might be possible in the future, so please make a full backup of your save data before deleting it if possible.

    1. Go to the Wii/Wii U Internet settings and choose the connection you're using.
    2. Set "Auto-obtain DNS" to "No".
    3. Insert into Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.
    4. Save Settings and perform a connection test. It should succeed. On the Wii U, you can choose "End" to skip the connection test.
    5. Install brainslug Or Wiimmfi Patcher homebrew app to your SD card. Just extract it to the root folder of the SD card. (USB Loader? ,Please Use Wiimmfi-Patcher (Up) )
    6. Start Brainslug Or Wiimmfi Patcher homebrew app in the Homebrew Channel and insert the game you want to play.
    http://save-nintendo-wifi.com/ (Go To Games Section For View All Supported Games)

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